Where am I?

Welcome to my little secret space on the world wide web. Born in 2020 and hosted by Neocities, this is a personal site where I post bad photos, add the occasional playlist, and banter on about stuff you might not care about. This serves as an ode to the 00s webscene, which I love drowning myself in nostalgia with. Because the internet was just way cooler back then.

Bands Seen

Feb 2020 • Foals
Aug 2019 • Westlife
May 2019 • Rudimental
Feb 2019 • The Kooks
Jan 2019 • Taking Back Sunday
Aug 2018 • Mike Shinoda
Nov 2007 • Linkin Park

Who dis?

Name Ness
Gender Female
Species Magical Folk
Star Sign Capricorn
House Slytherin

💛 00s, music, organization, nostalgia, rain, interior design, Harry Potter, chai tea.

👎 Global warming, meat, arrogance, stealing.


Sad People Songs

Get your prozac on with a collection of easy-listening downers.

Genre: Adult Contemporary, AlternativeListen

Good Grief

A side of lyricism, best served with a state of stupor.

Genre: Indie, Jangle Listen

Manic Panic

Beats and riffs for that mad itch in your brain. Not for the faint of heart.

Genre: Experimental Rock, Mathcore, Screamo Listen
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